Fallout Statue "Mini Cannibal" Black & White

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Wasters do not really grow old in these times.

Leave your moral compass behind and feast on the treats within your own ranks.

In the wasteland of Fallout, it's often an eye for an eye and flesh for flesh. Once you've acquired an appetite for human flesh, life becomes much more comfortable. Just don't make a big deal about it, because cannibalism is still frowned upon in most societies. However, considering that from now on you don't have to worry about starvation anymore, you could care less. You can be sure that you will stumble across a feast or two, and if not, a buffet can certainly be arranged with a little engagement.
In any case, you now have much more room for the important things in life - weapons, chems and materials!

Whether male or female, we could eat both alive!

With this stylish "Vault Boy Mini Cannibal" figure from the popular "Gruesome Deaths" series, you can show off your sinful lifestyle. Not everyone will appreciate this, but your closest friends will eventually have to accept it, and you might even be able to convince them to take a bite sometimes. The black and white statue fits in perfectly with the other figures and does not make a fuss about your dark desires.
Like the other statues in the series, its monochrome colour scheme is reminiscent of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. instructional videos of the Fallout series. However, beware, because many aspiring and professional Wasteland cannibals are on the hunt for this high-quality statue made of polyresin. Perhaps because there are only 1200 in stock worldwide.



  • Limited to 1200 pieces worldwide!
  • Exclusively available in the Bethesda Store EU & Bethesda Gear Store
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  • Material: Polyresin
  • Size: 8.51 x 5.99 x 9.5 cm
  • Color: Black and white (hand-painted)
  • Officially licensed by Bethesda
  • Manufactured by Development Plus Inc.

CAUTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years.