Fallout Bundle "Great War Week"

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  • 1x Mr. Handy Statue
  • 3x Pre-War Propaganda Poster
  • 1x Mr. Handy mug
  • 1x War Never Changes Pin 


Relics of the good ole days! 

Everything was better back then, or... wasn't it?
Not many can remember the era before the great war of the Fallout universe, only some weathered legacies testify to a supposedly brighter world. The truth is, there were no radroaches, ghouls or super mutants, but fear and terror hung in the air constantly. The end of the world hovered over the pre-war era like the Sword of Damocles, but at least you could survive without Radaway for quite some time.

Yes, we admit, it still wasn't all simpler before the bombs fell, but it's merely human to remember those days.

With this fantastic Great War Week Bundle, you'll have the chance to turn back the clock quite a bit. The four-piece set consists of some remnants, which are now hard to find in this condition.


Mr. Handy Statue

It was almost impossible to imagine a household without this helpful robotic unit. In all everyday tasks, he lent a mechanical hand or two, whether cooking, cleaning or fending off intruders.

This faithful replica of the household robot made of resin and metal wire looks like it came straight from the RobCo factory and brings you closer to the feeling of the technological superiority of the old days.


Pre-War Propaganda Posters

The three different propaganda posters show you that the fear of the enemy from overseas was omnipresent at every minute. The threat of the communists affected the lives of all pre-war citizens and prove that not everything was carefree to enjoy back then.

With three different lithographs, you can bring the cold war horror into your living room. With the typical propaganda slogans of the United States, you will create an uneasy feeling in all viewers and visitors of your pre-war memorial.


Mr. Handy Fuel Mug

The Mr. Handy household aid was powered by highly explosive uranium fuel and is a downright danger to humans and animals if operated incorrectly. All units came with explicit warnings and instructions on what to do in an emergency.

This mug shows exactly the included warnings and brings you closer to the feeling of ubiquitous threat, even within your own ranks. With 354.8 ml capacity, you can have your personal fuel at the breakfast table, without any risks and side effects.


War Never Changes Pin

The reasons are purely human, the meaning is inhuman. The most famous words of the Fallout universe will be familiar to any veteran, because war, war never changes.

With this ominous pin, you can bring the pre-war philosophy into your reality. The pin consists of a mushroom cloud, the characteristic explosion of nuclear weapons and the lettering of the most famous quote of the post-apocalypse.



Mr. Handy Statue

  • Material: Resin and metal wire
  • Color: Silver
  • Height: Approx. 10.16 cm
  • Officially licensed and manufactured by Bethesda


Pre-war propaganda poster (lithographs)

  • Material: 400g paper
  • Color: High quality black/red/yellow print
  • Size: 12,7 x 19,05 cm
  • Officially licensed and produced by Bethesda


War Never Changes Pin

  • Material: Metal and soft enamel
  • Size: 5.08 cm
  • Officially licensed and manufactured by Bethesda


Mr. Handy Fuel Mug

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: cream
  • Volume: 354.8 ml
  • Care instructions: Hand wash only, not suitable for the dishwasher
  • Officially licensed and manufactured by Bethesda