Doom Figure "Hell Knight"

  • DOOM
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The infernal knight in miniature size!

You escape the diabolical realms of hell without a souvenir? You just couldn't find the well-hidden secrets? No problem, because we have conjured the mighty Hell Knight for you - well, not a real one, but still the authentic collectible figure, which you can find in the game DOOM Eternal. The Hell Knight is an absolutely deadly opponent who has made life heavy for you since the release of DOOM 2. You don't need to face him with a loaded super shotgun, because this little knight is quite gentle. 

A new toy has been found!

We let the hearts of all hunters and gatherers beat faster. In this series, all the figures you can find in DOOM Eternal are available for you - without searching forever or finding walkthroughs. We make it easy for you to complete your collection and besides, these figures fit better in your gaming room than in the dark Fortress of DOOM anyway.


  • Movable
  • Authentic replica 
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 160 mm (6,3")
  • Officially licensed by Bethesda
  • Made by Numskull


Note: Collectible - this is not a toy!