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1066569_Dishonored_Corebook_front Dishonored The Roleplaying Game Corebook
Contains: An introduced look at the Empire of the Isles and a thorough look at its culture, its people and the strife they face. A straightforward walkthrough of getting into character with the heroes and villains, from sinister...
36.75 USD *
1066580_DishonoredDice Dishonored The Roleplaying Game Dice Set
Contains: 5 x Die (D20) Roll the dice, Outcast! To perfectly experience the gloomy and mysterious adventures of the Dishonored pen & paper role-playing game, you'll need equipment. We don't mean grenades or artifacts, but the...
15.75 USD *
DISHONORED PLUSH EMILY KALDWIN STUBBINS Dishonored Plush "Emily Kaldwin" Stubbins
Emily Kaldwin, the empress from "Dishonored 2", is now available in her cutest form to date. The "Stubbins" are soft, plushy companions from your favourite videogame characters. Approximately 20cm tall and very cuddly. Manufactured by...
10.49 USD *