TESO In-Game Replicas "Ambitions Artefacts"

  • The Elder Scrolls Online
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Disrupt the plans of the dreaded Mehrunes Dagon, the Prince of Destruction! In his quest for the various ambition artifacts, he has not taken you into account! Save all of Tamriel and the Blackreach below and make sure that the Daedric tyrant leaves empty-handed. What do you need to do? Obtain the four different artefacts and assemble them into a crest that the entire world of Tamriel has feared for aeons. The four-piece set is now available to you, heralding a dark, dark time. Make sure the artefacts don't fall into the wrong hands, it's all up to you now!

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Both sides embossed
  • Organic round shaped
  • Antiquated bronze plating
  • Diameter: 5,08 cm (2 in)