DOOM Rolltop Backpack "UAC"

Perfect for the exhausting trip through hideous dimensions of hell, but also useful in everyday life (and extremely cool).

Whether you're just passing through or have a mission to accomplish, this stylish UAC roll-top backpack is faithfully at your disposal and won't leave your side.
Thanks to fully adjustable chest and shoulder straps, the backpack fully adapts to you and remains useful and comfortable, even in the heat of battle.
True DOOM Slayers will not only enjoy the UAC military look, but can even wade through demon blood with this backpack, because this one is completely waterproof.

Space for your entire inventory is of course also given, not only a laptop case, but also a complete separate compartment for sportswear or shoes offers you all kinds of possibilities.
You can tell that this backpack is usually issued to UAC cadets by the large UAC Rubber patch and the woven "Union Aerospace Corporation" ribbon.

● Material: 100% waterproof polyester

● Features: Expandable main compartment with closure, two exterior zippered pockets, laptop case and separate compartment for shoes, etc.

● Color: Khaki

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