TESO Mehrunes Dagon Premium Bundle

The infamous Prince of Destruction makes his debut in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. The portals of the Oblivion dimension open and augur an evil prophecy. Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric tyrant, is on the rise and seems unstoppable.

With this impressive bundle, you can bring the Prince of Destruction home in his physical form, without requiring an Oblivion portal. The detailed statue shows Mehrunes Dagon together with his war axe in a furious pose, which makes him seem even more threatening.

Immortalised on an artistic lithograph, Mehrunes Dagon additionally shows his boundless power in front of the impressive background of the Oblivion plane.

Also included is the Ambition Token of Mehrunes Dagon to give you a little taste of the coming hunt for ancient artefacts.

Bundle Details:

- The hand-painted statue is approximately 16.51 cm tall and is made of polyresin.

- The lithograph measures 40.64 cm x 22.86 cm

- The Ambition Token measures 5.08 cm in diameter and has been embossed on both sides. The antiquated bronze look makes it look authentic and imposing.

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