Fallout Silver Plated Card "Nuka Ticket" Limited Edition

The atomic but classy admission to Nuka World! 

Do you miss all those exciting adventures of Fallout 4's expansion Nuka World?
Take this as your personal keepsake and get your grip on the silver-plated Nuka Ticket.

A Noble collectible for noble fortune finders!

The authentic replica of the admission ticket is plated in .999 silver and will be the eye-catcher of your entire collection.
In the theme park Nuka World, you can usually exchange these tickets for lots of prizes and rewards, here in real life you get envious eyes and appreciation instead.

Don't be lucky, be quick!

Be one of the few who can hold this perfect and timeless souvenir since the production is strictly limited to 5000 pieces worldwide.
Every ticket is numbered individually to guarantee uniqueness and will come with a display stand for your sweet home shelter.

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