Fallout Die Cast Model Car "Quantum Cola"

The pre-war citizen’s dream made metal!

Yes, if you roam the desolated wastelands, there will be a lot of Fusion Fleas around. However, we also understand that the condition of those nimble speedsters is no longer ideal, but we have another string to our bow.
Check out this new Fusion Flea Die-Cast Replica in the Nuka Cola Quantum design and be amazed by its refreshing appearance. Just like the old days, when Nuka Cola Quantum hit the market like an A-bomb, we present you a solid and classy Fusion Flea wearing the livery in the style of the most popular Nuka Cola flavor of the former world.

One fifth the seat, three quarters the wheel, but ten times the fun!

Just like the fusion-powered role model, this magnificent piece of art is a primus of all classes. The details are finely and precisely crafted and the overall graceful expression is just as perfect as you could expect it by the very sought-after Die-Cast collection of Fallout.
Be a true fan of the series and be quick to secure your own piece of pre-war history, despite the fact that the time to shine would never have come.
At most, you can find one of these rare specimens at the dusty ditches from time to time, but you will never find a Fusion Flea in Quantum design that looks remotely close to being intact.

Of course, a vehicle in Nuka Cola Quantum style would never let you down whenever you need an urgent caffeine boost, so the replica contains a fully functioning Nuka Cola Quantum bottle opener matching the retro-futuristic livery of the Fusion Flea.
Remember the good times with a very unique postcard in vintage style, perfect to decorate your personal fridge or crafting station.

This excellent replica is strictly limited, so do some Jet and hurry up, because this thing’s limited to 800 pieces worldwide!

●  Contains: Fusion Flea Die-Cast Replica in Nuka Cola Quantum livery, bottle opener, and a vintage postcard
●  Size: 98 x 88 x196 mm
●  Material: Die-Cast
●  Produced by The Wand Company

Age range: Suitable for ages 14+

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