Doom Figure "Imp"

  • DOOM
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Ambitious when it comes to in-game collectibles?

Why not bring them to reality! Check out the new series of DOOM Eternal in-game collectibles in real-life and take your collection to a whole new dimension – OUR dimension!
This collectible figure shows the Imp, one of the evil minions you encounter in every single DOOM game. Look out for fireballs and all marked secrets, maybe you’ll soon own this figure both in game and reality.

Rip, tear & collect!

Don’t stop collecting, even after the last demon is slain, the last boss is defeated and the last secret is found.
Numskull's high-quality figures are detailed replicas of the toys found throughout the demonic areas of the DOOM Eternal chapter, so check out all releases so far!

● Material: Vinyl

● Size: 150 mm (5,9")

● Made by Numskull