Doom Figure "Cacodemon"

  • DOOM
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Straight from the hell dimension!

You have swept the entire levels of DOOM Eternal, you have picked up every in-game collectible toy?
Now you have the chance to drag those figures right into reality!
The well-hidden collectibles are now available for your private collection, so don’t hesitate and show us what you've got!
This collectible figure features the Cacodemon, the most iconic enemy of the entire series.
Get this terrifying tomato toy, just like in the game.

If 100% progress is not enough!

Even if you already have all trophies in-game, collecting those real-life figures brings you to a whole new level! Numskull high-quality figures are detailed replicas of the toys found throughout the demonic areas of the DOOM Eternal chapter, so check out all releases so far and complete your collection!

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 130 mm (5,1")
  • Made by Numskull