Fallout Smartwatch "PIP-OS" One61 Studio

If we pretend that there wasn't a day where the world basically ended, we can be sure that Vault-Tec would have blessed us with a smartwatch and it would look like this. Sporting the exclusive "Pip-OS V1.0.1", this smartwatch offers the full Pip-Boy experience on your wrist!

Messaging compatibility: Please note, iOS and CDMA networks (ei Verizon, Sprint) does not allow the watch to send or reply to messages. You can view (only view) your SMS messages in Notifications on your watch. Not compatible with some Motorola devices.
  • Fallout
  • 310437

This is a pre-order item. Any order containing pre-order items will not ship until all items are available to ship. Estimated release for this item is 21 October 2019

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